Deyin Events Coming Soon
Sun 73 Competition Style Weekend
March - Sun 73 Competition Style Weekend 
A detailed introduction. For Sun Style enthusiasts
with Master Tary Yip
Deyin Instructor Training Course
February - Deyin Instructor Training Course 
For committed enthusiasts, become a Deyin Instructor.
Gain a highly respected qualification.
Faye Fan Workshop
May -  Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Weekend 
For all levels, including beginners, with Master Faye Yip.
Train with one of the highest authorities in Kung Fu Fan

July - Our Special Extended Summer Camp 
A unique event, with something for everyone
Including a major Celebration !!

Special Trip

Tibet Tour 2017
Tibet Cultural & Tai Chi Qigong Tour 2017 
Once in a lifetime opportunity for a Trip to Tibet with Tai Chi & Qigong Training

Recent Events

Year of the Rooster Boot Camp Photos
Year of the Rooster Boot Camp 
Rooster Boot Camp & New Year Celebration Photos

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Our sincere apologies, but due to an upgrade performed by our hosts 'Heart Internet' to the server on 17th/18th January, pages created under an old proprietry system are no longer functioning, including our former Home Page. Meanwhile, pages created under the new in-house system, which have gradually been replacing old-system pages over the past 2 years are still working.

We now understand from Heart Internet that the upgrade is irreversible, which means there is no chance of getting the old pages working again. These awkward circumstances are giving us the incentive to speed up the transfer process!!

We were in the final stages of developing a new online event bookings system, which has been rather hastily brought into service (see under 'Seminars - Headquarters'). It has been tested extensively, and has already taken online bookings, but there may still be one or two undetected glitches, do let us know if you have problems.

Also, not all of our forthcoming events have had new information pages or booking forms created yet. We hope to rectify this soon.

Many links on the site are not functioning. Please bear with us while we try to sort out the mess. If you have any urgent problems or enquiries, please feel free to contact us using or We will do our best to help.

Our Thanks for your patience.

Faye, Tary & the Deyin Team