Organisation Info

"Deyin" is named after one of the most regarded Tai Chi (Tai Ji) masters, Professor Li Deyin. The use of this name also signifies a continuation of the family tradition of martial arts that spans over 120 years.

Deyin Taijiquan Institute (GB) is a leading professional Tai Chi (Tai Ji) & Qigong organisation outside China, which has a considerable background and wealth of knowledge of Taijiquan and Traditional Chinese Martial arts. 

As an organisation with global connections, we also work closely with international Tai Chi and Qigong establishments and institutions such as Chinese governing bodies, Beijing Wushu (martial arts) Association, China Wushu Research Institute, and Chinese Wushu Association, Shanghai University of Sports, Beijing University of Sports, Wudang Wushu Association (Mt. Wudang), Stichting Taijiquan Nederland, Spanish Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Association, New Zealand Wushu Academy Japan Health Qigong Alliance etc.

Deyin is one of the most acknowledged Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Ji Quan) and Qigong Institutes in Europe, which trained over 110 Instructors in the UK and further afield. Deyin instructors from countries such as the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Australia, Ireland,  USA, China, and Argentina, etc. are actively promoting the fantastic physical and spiritual health benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong to people's lives.

The institute and its instructors throughout the UK and Europe work closely with UK NHS, city councils, and government departments as well as national charities in providing programmes to help bring health and wellness to the wider public. Many of these are free programmes. During the covid Pandemic, Deyin Taijiquan Institute took the initiative in helping people all over the world to combat the pandemic and cope with the stress and hardship of quarantine at home. Through virtual media such as Facebook, Youtube, Zoom, etc,  we ran more than 100 free Tai Chi Qigong lessons to audiences throughout the world. over a period of 8 months, there were over one hundred and fifty thousand audiences from all over the world watching and training with our videos and live sessions, thus benefiting from Tai Chi and Qigong exercises in combating the covid pandemic. Our founders Masters Tary & Faye were given the unsound heroes award by the local council for their hard work and dedication.

Instructors of Deyin have many years of experience and Tai Chi training under the founders and chief instructors Master Tary & Faye Yip. They have also received guidance from our chairman Professor Li Deyin. All instructors are fully qualified and insured.

We specialise in Traditional Yang Style, Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Ji Quan), Standardised Tai Chi forms, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Quan, Traditional Qigong, and Health Qigong. Our extensive learning syllabus offers a great variety of options with a wide range of methods and possibilities for enthusiasts to achieve greater vitality, and better health, enhance spirituality, and a deeper understanding of Tai Chi as a Martial practice.

Our aim is to promote Tai Chi exercises for good health, relaxation, and stress control. However, since Tai Chi was originally invented as a martial art, our instructors will explain as and when necessary, the application of movements if they were used in combat situations, thus helping learners practise more effectively. We run regular classes, seminars, and workshops suitable for enthusiasts of all levels and varied physical fitness, 

Founders & chief instructors of the institute, Master Tary and Faye (Li) Yip are both highly experienced and Highly respected Tai Chi teachers as well as talented performers of the art.

we are a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts and the International Taijiquan & Qigong Federation.