Organisation Info

 Deyin Taijiquan Institute is a non profit making community based organisation dedicated to the promotion of heath and welbeing through Tai Chi. our aim is to bring all Tai Chi enthusiasts together form all over the world and share the benefits this great exercise offers. We do not pay wages, make profits or obtain commission from any activities we organise.

All fees, payments and/or proceeds paid by participating members for training courses, seminars, workshops and events our organisation organises are used to fund the promotion of Tai Chi in the UK, Europe and worldwide, hiring of venues, teaching materials. All teachers in our organised seminar and workshops are mostly working on voluntary basis with some expenses paid for.

Any extra funds accumulated will be used total on expenses of inviting international experts, professor or Gurus to come to the UK and share their experience on this unque exercise. We do not pay them wages, remuneration or fees (unless specified otherwise) of any kind. Funds are use to sponsor their their travel and lodging and other neccessary expenses.

Any donations and sponsorship will be greatly appreciated. please contact us at for detail if you are interested in making a donation.