Deyin Institute Membership


Faye, KickAll Tai Chi enthusiasts, from anywhere in the world, are welcome to become members of our organisation.  As a member you receive support from reputable organisations with reliable connections in the UK and throughout the world. For an annual subscription of just £20, you are able to take advantage of the many benefits available to all our members.

Discounts on WorkshopsProfessor Li with Tary
All members receive good discounts on workshops with Faye, Tary and Professor Li (organised by the institute) as well as good discounts on learning materials and accessories. Students can easily recover their membership subscription with even a small degree of participation in the events we organise.

Deyin Boot Camps
The Deyin 'Boot Camp' weekends held at our Telford Centre have been very successful and popular. There is tuition from Qualified Deyin Instructors in a wide range of topics, and Faye or Tary take the final session of the day. Deyin members with valid membership have the opportunity to attend up to 3 of these workshops per year FOR FREE. Places for these events are taken quickly, so members need to register soon when Boot Camp bookings become available!

Deyin Website Members Area
The Members Area of the website is under constant development, and includes access to online videos to help you with your tai chi practice, as well as other learning materials.Faye, Sword

Discounts on Goods
There is a whole range of Tai Chi and other Martial Arts Equipment, as well as clothes, books, DVDs and gifts available from the Tai Chi Link website. Deyin Members are able to take advantage of special discounts.

Important Note on Weapons Training
Many people are unaware that in order to do Weapons training (sword, sabre, fan etc) in public places, you need to be a member of an authorised organisation. The Deyin Institute is a full member of the British Council of Chinese Martial Arts, and as such is 
officially authorised to give weapons training. This means that our members are legally entitled to carry training weapons about with them (in the UK) without concern.

Membership Duration
Deyin membership starts from October each year and expires in September of subsequent year. Enthusiast can join member at anytime in the year, however, regardless of time of registration before, renewal will be required at the end of forthcoming September.

Concessions are not given for any midway membership registration, however great member's discounts on seminars at our base and purchase of training accessories will often offset or surpass the membership fees.