Deyin Institute Instructor Training

The Deyin Institute is committed to the training of Taijiquan and related disciplines to the highest possible level. This is not just for our members and the participants in our seminars, but also as our obligation to maintain the best possible standards and understanding of this fantastic art for future generations.

Ensuring that our Deyin Instructors have the means to achieve these high standards is a major part of our activity at the Deyin Institute. To assist in this we have a syllabus that our instructors can follow, carefully designed to allow progress and development in a logical and structured fashion. The syllabus covers all aspects of Taijiquan, the practical, the theoretical and the application.

The syllabus is defined around 7 Levels that instructors can achieve, from Foundation Level Instructor (Level 1) to Master (Level 7). For each level there are requirements, obligations and of course, benefits. Some of these remain the same for all levels, but clearly we expect a little more from our instructors as they rise through the levels. Full details for each level are on pages accessed with the buttons at the top.

Level 1 can be (and has already been) completed successfully by a high majority of applicants who are prepared to put in the time and personal training required. Each level follows logically from the previous one, enhancing skills and understanding, until by Level 7 we are looking for skills equivalent to recognised Chinese Masters.

Please note that to work from the beginning of a Level 1 instructor course to qualifying as a Level 7 instructor would take an absolute minimum of 16 years, as instructors from Level 2 onwards are required to consolidate their skills and understanding for a minimum period before moving on to the next level.

However our instructors are not required to keep moving up through the levels. It is ok to stay at Level 1, or any other level. All we ask is that instructors continue to fulfil the requirements and obligations for whatever level they attain (details are on the page for each level). We always encourage our instructors to progress, but do understand that individual circumstances and preferences vary considerably.

Specially organised Instructor training modules for the required levels must be taken in order to complete them successfully. Please note that other seminars or workshops on the forms for each level will not be accepted as instructor modules. This is because instructor training modules will have extra depth, and more emphasis on being able to teach the forms you are studying. Other seminars and workshops are mainly focussed on personal learning and development.

Although we set high standards for our instructors, it has always been important for us to maintain a friendly and encouraging atmosphere at all our events. We think of ourselves not just as an organisation, but also as a family of friends, where mutual support and encouragement are the norm, and with a lot of fun mingled in with the work. When you become a Deyin Instructor, you are entering a circle of friends of all ages and nationalities, all of whom have the common goal of promoting high quality Taijiquan.

As a reputable organisation, it is important that our instructors are meeting their Continue Professional Development to uphold their practice and teaching standard. Instructors are required to updates and revalidate their qualified forms every two years either by attending refresher seminars, attend form revalidation sessions or submit video performance for revalidation (we strongly recommend attending refresher seminars).

Please Click here to view details of Instructor Biennial revalidation requirements and fees.

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Deyin Institute Instructor Syllabus