Deyin Instructor Training - Level 1

Level 1 
-  Foundation Level Instructor

Level 1 Instructor Courses are run on average about once every 18 months. Each course takes place over 5 weekends in a period of about 10 months. Notification of any forthcoming Level 1 courses are posted on the Deyin Events Page and the Home Page when they become available.

Level 1 Modules

  1. 8 Treasures Qigong (traditional)
  2. 8 Step Yang Style Taijiquan
  3. 16 Step Yang Style Taijiquan
  4. 16 Step Yang Style Taiji jian (sword)
  5. 24 Step Yang Style Taijiquan
  6. 13 Step Sun Style Taijiquan

Level 1 Requirements

  • Participants in the Level 1 instructor course should have been regularly practising taijiquan for at least 2 years.
  • Successful completion of training and assessment in modules 1 to 5 in the list above

Level 1 Obligations

  • Actively Promote the Deyin Taijiquan Institute and the system we teach.
  • Annual membership must be kept up to date every year. Note that it is a requirement at every level that subs must have been kept up to date continuously throughout the required minimum period leading up to that level.
  • Revalidation of all forms should be kept up to date. (forms revalidated every 2 years)

Level 1 Benefits

  • Higher discounts (than for standard Deyin Members) on many Deyin seminars and courses (not including instructor modules).
  • Access to Online Instructor Training Videos on a wide range of Forms and Topics is available to Instructors at all levels
  • Instructors at all levels have their own Instructor Page on our website to give information about themselves and their classes.
  • All Instructors can create their own Classes Caledar to display on their Instructor Page and as part of our public Regular Classes web display.
  • All Instructors are part of a network of reputable organisations with reliable connections in the UK and throughout the world.

Level 1 Notes

  • The Level 1 instructor course and qualification covers forms 1 to 5 in the above list. Level 1 instructors are also encouraged to learn the Sun 13 style, especially if they wish to go on to become a recognised Deyin Sun Style instructor. 13 step Sun Style instructor training modules are run separately when there are sufficient numbers.

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