Deyin Instructor Training - Level 2

Intermediate Instructor – Level 2

Level 2 Modules

  1. Yang Style 32 Step Taiji jian (sword)
  2. Sun Style 38 Step Taijiquan
  3. Basic Push Hands (Single, Double) plus 24 step applications
  4. Tai Chi Theory (10 essentials, Study of Taijiquan and the 13 Songs), 24 step Taijiquan inner essence.

Level 2 Requirements

  • All the Level 2 modules are required, and are all included in the Level 2 instructor course. There will be assessment on the forms, the push hands, and the 24 step applications.
  • Annual Membership must be up to date

Level 2 Obligations

  • Actively Promote the Deyin Taijiquan Institute and the system we teach.
  • Revalidation of all forms should be kept up to date. (all forms revalidated every 2 years)

Level 2 Benefits

  • Higher discounts (than for standard Deyin Members) on many Deyin seminars and courses (not including instructor modules).
  • May attend any of the Level 1 Instructor Course modules for an absolute minimal fee, in order to consolidate learning and check performance details. (Also to help these modules run smoothly with practical assistance!)

Level 2 Notes

  • Newly qualified Level 1 instructors may proceed to Level 2 training at the first available opportunity.