Deyin Instructor Training - Level 5

Advanced Instructor – Level 5

Level 5 Modules

  1. Sun Style traditional long form
  2. Yang Style Taiji jian (long sword form) 56 step
  3. Xiyangmei Taiji Kung Fu Fan
  4. Push Hand (Da Lu, moving steps)
  5. Tai Chi Theory and Practical work

Level 5 Requirements

  • Promotion to level 5 is not automatic, even with satisfactory assessments in the required number of modules. Instructors will need to submit an application in writing for consideration.
  • All required modules in Level 3 & Level 4 achieved with scores in excess of 8.0 in assessment.
  • Minimum of 2 years as a Level 4 instructor from the day of qualification.
  • Annual membership must have been kept up to date continuously throughout the minimum 2 year period leading up to Level 5 qualification.
  • 2 out of 5 modules in the Level 5 list are required.
  • Must have regularly taught Tai Chi and Qigong throughout the 2 years leading up to Level 5 qualification, teaching a minimum of 2 classes per week (or 8 classes per month) for no less than 35 weeks in a year.
  • Instructors must have attended a minimum of 2 seminars/workshops or 10 hours with Master Tary or Faye (not including Health Qigong sets) for CPD, plus a Deyin Summer camp.
  • Instructors at Level 5 must be Nominated by Master Tary or Master Faye.

Level 5 Obligations

  • Level 5 Instructors must teach a minimum of 1 seminar every year (including a minimum of 1 seminar every 2 years on behalf of the Deyin Taijiquan Institute.
  • Instructors should support Deyin seminars and events by taking part, and should encourage their students to partake for their continuing personal development.
  • Actively Promote the Deyin Taijiquan Institute and the system we teach.
  • Events or Seminars should be organised using Deyin as the front Logo.
  • Instructors must take on an active role in representing Deyin nationally and internationally.
  • Recruit minimum of 15 students to join Deyin as members, and maintain or increase the level of membership each year.
  • Revalidation of all qualified forms should be kept up to date. (Level 3 modules every 4 years, Level 4 & 5 modules every 2 years)

Level 5 Benefits

  • Options to become a mentor to instructors up to and including Level 3.
  • At our invitation, the possible appointment to become revalidation assessor for levels up to Level 3
  • At our invitation, the possibility of conducting modules in the Level 1 and Level 2 instructor courses at the Telford Centre.
  • Modules up to Level 2 will no longer require revalidation
  • Additional discounts on certain selected Deyin seminars and courses (not including instructor modules)

Level 5 Notes

  • Assessment on forms will take place at the end of each module.
  • Only 2 of the 5 modules are required to achieve qualification. Instructors are nevertheless encouraged (but not required) to take on the rest of the Level 5 modules.