Deyin Instructor Training - Level 6

Senior Instructor – Level 6

Level 6 Modules

  1. Sun Style Taji jian (Long Form, Two man Practice)
  2. Taiji Shan Shou (Two Man Practice )
  3. Wudang Tai Ji Sword

Level 6 Requirements

  • Promotion to Level 6 is not automatic, even with satisfactory assessments in the required number of modules. Instructors will need to submit an application in writing for consideration.
  • All required modules in Level 4 & Level 5 achieved with scores in excess of 8.0 in assessment.
  • Minimum of 3 years as a Level 5 instructor from the day of qualification.
  • Annual membership must have been kept up to date continuously throughout the minimum 3 year period leading up to Level 6 qualification.
  • 2 out of 3 modules in the Level 6 list are required.
  • Must have regularly taught Tai Chi and Qigong throughout the 3 years leading up to Level 6 qualification, teaching a minimum of 2 classes per week (or 8 classes per month) for no less than 35 weeks in a year.
  • Instructors must have attended a minimum of 20 hours with Master Tary or Faye (not including Health Qigong sets) for CPD, plus a Deyin Summer camp.
  • Instructors at Level 6 must be Nominated by Master Tary or Master Faye.

Level 6 Obligations

  • Level 6 Instructors must teach a minimum of 2 seminars/workshops every year (including a minimum of 2 seminars every 2 years on behalf of the Deyin Taijiquan Institute.
  • Instructors should support Deyin seminars and events by taking part, and should encourage their students to partake for their continuing personal development.
  • Actively Promote the Deyin Taijiquan Institute and the system we teach.
  • Events or Seminars should be organised using Deyin as the front Logo.
  • Instructors must take on an active role in representing Deyin nationally and internationally.
  • Recruit minimum of 15 students to join Deyin as members, and maintain or increase the level of membership each year.
  • Revalidation of qualified forms should be kept up to date. (Level 4 modules every 4 years, Level 5 & 6 modules every 2 years)

Level 6 Benefits

  • Options to become a mentor to instructors up to and including Level 4.
  • At our invitation, the possible appointment to become revalidation assessor for levels up to Level 5.
  • At our invitation, the possibility of conducting modules in the Level 3 and Level 4 instructor courses at the Telford Centre.
  • Modules up to Level 3 will no longer require revalidation
  • Additional discounts on certain selected Deyin seminars and courses (not including instructor modules)

Level 6 Notes

  • Assessment on forms will take place at the end of each module.
  • Only 2 of the 3 modules are required to achieve qualification. Instructors are nevertheless encouraged (but not required) to take on the rest of the Level 6 modules.