Forthcoming Headquarters Events & Seminars
Click on an entry to go to the page giving full details of the event or seminar. Unless stated, events are held at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Telford.
13th Deyin Tai Chi Instructor Course - Level 1 2022/23
3rd Sep - 26th Feb 2023
with Master Tary
This is a hybrid course with a mixture of online and onsite training. In-depth teaching and detailed learning make it a unique Tai Chi teacher training course. A great opportunity for enthusiasts to realise their dreams and ambitions of becoming fully qualified Tai Chi & Qigong instructors
Chinese Made Easy
5th Sep - 12th Dec 2022
with Ms Ding
This is a great opportunity to learn Chinese phrases and communication skills to use during your holiday in Chinese-speaking countries and areas such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia...and more!
Evening Classes with Masters Tary & Faye
6th Sep - 20th Jul 2023
with Masters Tary & Faye
Tues Mornings, Weds & Thurs Evening
Suitable for both novice and advance practitioners, up to 200 hours of fun and wellbeing exercises that promise to deepen your knowledge and consolidate your personal practice and development.
Chinese Brush Painting Classes - September
6th Sep - 13th Dec 2022
with Mr. Li hui Sen
Chinese Brush Painting is done by many around the world to relieve stress, relax your body and mind to lift your spirit and improve your mental wellbeing. It is fun, educational, and guarantees to enhance your understanding of Chinese Arts from a different angle.
Level 2 Instructor course 2022/23
24th Sep - 26th Feb 2023
with Master Tary
The Level 2 Tai Chi instructor course is designed as a CPD (continuous professional development) for Level 1 instructors. It covers more advanced Tai Chi forms, theories and principles.
FREE - Qigong Exercise for Relaxation and Falls Prevention
27th Sep - 15th Nov 2022
with Master Faye
The Course includes one-hour gentle breathing exercises, acupuncture Tui Na self-massage talks, guidance on how to incorporate positive habits into your daily routine, emphasising the importance of physical activity as well as mental wellbeing, followed by tea and social chat afterwards. And the course is suitable for all ages and abilities.
Emergency First Aid at work
13th November 2022
with Certified First Aid Trainer
It is absolutely vital for all Deyin and BHQA instructors to have first aid knowledge and a certificate that could help instructors manage all unforeseen situations during classes or seminars. This is a unique opportunity to acquire or update your Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate 
42 Step Taijiquan Improver weekend
19th - 20th November 2022
with Master Faye
The 42 Step Tai Ji Quan, a unique Tai Chi routine, structured by one of the world's famous Tai Chi Masters, Professor Li De Yin. Consists of main characteristics and inner essence of four of the four major tradtitional Tai Chi styles, This routine offers great insights of different styles it offers but also the fantastic health benefits achieved
Vision Improvement Qigong / 明目益视功 Refresher Course
16th Dec - 14th Jan 2023
with Professor Wang - BSU China
Refresher and improver course for practitioners who attended Professor Wang Xiao Jun' Vision improvement Qigong course to consolidate their practice and further improve their eye health overall body wellness. new learners are also welcome.
Daoyin to Rebalance the Spine - Improver course
6th January 2023
with Feixia
Feixia Yu will take you step-by-step working down the spine, loosening tension knots, activating and stimulating blood flow in affected muscles and finally realigning the spine and restoring its dynamic balance.  You will learn what movement works with which vertebrates, making your practice more precise, focused, then more effective.
Yang Style 88 Step Tai Chi refresher Weekend
25th - 26th March 2023
with Master Tary
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