Master Faye Yip

Master Faye (Li) Yip
Inspired by the family's martial arts tradition, Master Faye took an interest in martial arts at a very young age. She started with Shaolin Quan at the age of seven, she then went on to study Xing Yi, Bagua, and Taiji under her father's Two Man push Hand with Professor Li strict coaching regime. She also traveled with her father to many different parts of China to learn from some of China's highly respected masters, train with professional coaches and compete with some of China's elite athletes who went on to become national and international champions.

Pictured with Grandmaster Sun Jian Yun As well as receiving invaluable tuition from her father, Faye also received guidance from her grand uncle Li Tian Ji, famous Xing Yi and Bagua master Sha Guo Zheng and the lady she called Great Nan, the late Grandmaster Sun Jian Yun. Master Faye also receive invaluable guidance and teaching on Qigong and health from her grandfather Li Tian Chi, a highly respected Qigong health and rehabilitation practitioner in China. Before leaving China for the UK, Faye had frequently entered national competitions and competed amongst some of China's elite Tai Chi Athletes and former world champions, She had won numerous Gold and Silver medals on Taiji and sword routines in major tournaments in China. In the last 15 years, Master Faye had trained over 1000 Students of various levels and created many national Tai Chi Champions in the UK. She has also traveled extensively to conduct Tai Chi Seminars for students in the UK and throughout Europe (Spain, France, Sweden, China etc).

As well as one of the leading teachers in Traditional Yang Style Practising Ba Gua Zhang With Sha Guo Zheng Taijiquan, standardised forms, and Wudang Sword, She is also one of the highest authorities in Europe in Traditional Sun Style Tai Chi with a direct lineage to the founder Grand Master Sun Lu Tang. Master Faye Yip was also the first person to learn and promote the famous Taiji Kung Fu Fan created by her father Professor Li Deyin.

Faye & Tary founded the British Health Qigong Association to promote one the most popular health Qigong systems in the world. master Faye has travelled regularly in the last two years to various countries in Europe to promote Health Qigong and she is now one of the highest authority and highly respected Health Qigong teachers in Europe.