Forthcoming Headquarters Events & Seminars
Click on an entry to go to the page giving full details of the event or seminar. Unless stated, events are held at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Telford.
Tai Chi Instructor Training Course 2017
23rd Sep - 2nd Dec 2017
with Master Tary Yip
Module 4 - 16 Step Sword form - The course is Fully Subscribed for new instructors, however Current Deyin instructors are very welcome to come and refresh their knowledge and deepen their understanding at this final form training module. Instructors who wish to do this should please contact Tary.
Autumn Health & Wellbeing Boot Camp
30th Sep - 1st Oct 2017
with Deyin Instructors
The third of our highly popular Boot Camps in 2017, free to members. Boot Camp Fully Booked Places still available for Sunday 'Energy Boosters'
Xing Yi Quan & Push Hands Refresher
1st October 2017
with Master Tary Yip
The day after the Boot Camp, for anyone wishing to make a weekend of great training, but you do not have to attend the Boot Camp as well if you don't want to.
Sun Style Tai Chi Instructor Module - 73 Step
1st - 3rd December 2017
with Master Tary
A system with unique principles, inner essence of the three major internal martial arts, namely Xing Yi, Ba Gua and Tai Chi, incorparating the Yin Yang theory and Chinese medicine principles to create a distinctive style of Tai Chi not only effective in self defence but also extremely beneficial for health and wellbing.
42 Step Tai Ji Quan / Tai Chi Chuan - 3 Parts
9th - 10th December 2017
with Master Faye Yip
9th & 10th September, Part 3 of 3
The 42 Step Tai Ji Quan is a unique Tai Chi routine, structured by one of the world's most famous Tai Chi Masters, Professor Li De Yin. This routine consists of some of the main characteristics and inner essence of four of the five major tradtitional Tai Chi styles, namely Chen, Yang, Wu & Sun Style Tai Chi.
Tai Chi Instructor Course - Level 2
3rd March 2018
with Master Tary
The level 2 Tai Chi instuctor course is designed as a CPD, continuous professional development for level 1 instructors. It covers more advance Tai Chi practice forms and Tai Chi theories and principles. Instructors taking this course will learn more indepth of the inner essence of Tai Chi philosophy and some of the important techniques Tai Chi have in both health and self defence.
Mountain & Cruise Tai Chi & Qigong China Trip 2018
1st - 15th April 2018
with Master Faye (Li) Yip & Master Simon Watson
Fantastic opportunity to see some of China’s most amazing landmarks and experience real Chinese culture at it’s best and doing lots of Tai Chi and Qigong with World class masters along the way.
Tai Chi Instructor Course 2018
24th - 31st May 2018
with Master Tary
This Tai Chi instructor course is hosted by one of Europe's most respected Tai Chi organisation and teaching will be conducted by Master Tary (famous Tai Chi & Qigong Teacher in Europe) & his team. it includes 5 weekend modules.
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