China Trip 2017 - Tibet

15 Days - £2195.00 plus (optional) extension trip - £200.00
(including international & internal flights & Transports, hotels, sightseeing and most meals)


Once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the land of Sacredness

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alt This is an absolute once in a lifetime opportunity to explore some of China's most famous and exotic places. We will first sample in Beijing, some of the finest palace and gardens in once enjoyed by the emperor of one of the greatest civilisations in the world.

This trip is a perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of the tradition and culture of the land of wonders "Tibet" where Buddhism first came into China, and be inspired by the beautiful temples, breathtaking snow mountains, divine religion and culture of one of the 56 most fascinating ethnic groups.

Tibet enchants tourists from China and abroad with its landscape, religious traditions, culture, and its unsolved mysteries. At any mention of this land, the images of snowy mountains, mirror-like lakes, Potala Palace and Buddhist disciples immediately come to mind.

Tibet Autonomous Region occupies one eighth of the China’s territory. Due to its high altitude, it is often called the 'Roof of the World' and the 'Third Pole of the Earth'. It boasts the world's highest peak, the splendid Mt. Everest, and the Tibetan Plateau, where the Yangtze River and Yellow River both begin.

The history of Tibet can be traced back by about 4,000 years, during which the Buddhist religion, Zang Language and culture are shaped up. Most of local inhabitants practice Tibetan Buddhism. They maintain many unique practices, such as pilgrimage prostration and sky burial, where the bodies of the dead are exposed to birds of prey. Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery and Toling Monastery are among the most famous Buddhist temples.

In addition to epic adventure, we will also be Practising Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi sword, Push Hands and Health Qigong with highly respected teachers in China and Europe.


  • Beijing - Capital City of China
  • Forbidden City - magnificent imperial palace with world heritage status.
  • Temple of Heaven - Royal Altar where emperors of the past worship and made annual offerings for peace, health and harmony. it is also now a park where people do their morning Tai Chi Practice.
  • Xining - a city with deep ethnic cultural, beautiful lake and heavy Tibetan influences.
  • Tibet - one of the most religious land in China with so much controversies.
  • Potala palace - one of the grandest temples in Chinese history, built in plateau of Tibet, this temple was the palace of previous Dalai Lama and even as recent as the current Dalai Lama before he went out of China into exile.

Training & Certification

  1. Intensive training promised to raise your standard of Tai Chi practice.
  2. Tai Chi Training Tour T-Shirt
  3. (Optional) Assessment on Tai Chi Routines certificated by Deyin Taijiquan Institute
  4. (optional) Health Qigong Duan Grading (optional) by our Partner the Chinese Health Qigong Association

Intense training (suitable for all levels – novice, intermediate & Advanced alike). Trainings are suitable for enthusiasts of all levels and disciplines, however they are not compulsory sessions, and participants can choose to practice or just simply opt to have lazy and relaxing mornings. If time allows, we can also organise extra activities for non-training participants (at their own cost).

Tai Chi

  • altSun Style Tai Chi (38 step short form) - one of the 5 major styles of Tai Chi created by one of China's most famous martial artists, Grand Master Sun Lu Tang. It combines some of the best internal aspects of Xing Yi Quan, Bagua and Tai Chi to form a unique style that captures the heart and mind of many Tai Chi enthusiasts.

    The 38 Step short form is an excellent form, which offers enthusiasts great insight into this sophisticated Tai Chi style. Sun Style Tai Chi is also excellent for joints and internal refinement.
  • Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form (88 Step) - Tai Chi Long from is the representational form for all traditional Tai Chi systems. the 88 step long form is one of the variations of the traditional Yang Style Tai Chi system. It is being practised by millions of Tai Chi ad Qigong enthusiasts in China and throughout the world. it offers a good insight to traditional Yang Style Tai Chi, and this form is suitable and easy to be learned by Yang Style practitioners.

The Tai Chi Practice will be conducted by Master Tary, one of the most highly respected Tai Chi teachers in the world. Tai Chi enthusiasts of all levels and disciplines are welcome. you don't need to have practiced the form before to learn. The training is a good improvement opportunity for people who have learned the forms and a good taster for those who haven't.

The training will give travelling members a good insight to two unique styles of Tai Chi, and hopefully help them in their practice of their own disciplines.

Health Qigong

  • altXing Yi Standing Pole Qigong    -  Qi Gong was created 2 thousand years ago, its easy and impressive movements offer great effects on health & make it a gem in China's health and fitness culture. The Xing Yi Standing Pole Qigong was created by Grand Master Li Tian Chi, father of Professor Li Deyin, one of China's foremost Qigong Masters. The purpose of Qigong is to increase internal energy circulation through spiritual cultivation and physical exercises so as to improve health and fitness.

  • Eight Treasure Qigong - Eight Treasures Qigong has over one thousand years of history, & currently is one of the most popular health exercises being practised by millions of people in China & throughout the world. There are many version of Eight Treasures, and this version is passed down by professor Li's family. It is easy to learn and practise, and yet it gives tremendous health benefits in very short period of time.

  • Deep natural breathing is required during the practice of the routines, without any constraint. It has been proved that practice of these Qigongs improves the respiratory system, limb strength, flexibility of the joints, fortifies the nerves as well as enhancing the general balance.
  • It improves the cardiovascular function and helps to cure such illnesses as coronary artery scleroses and osteoporosis. It strengthens one's immune system to a degree, delays the aging process and also improves mental health.

Benefits you will get;alt

  • Improve your general health
  • learn one of the most popular exercises in the world
  • raise the standard of your practice to higher level with highly respected teachers.
  • visit great places & meet people that you will remember and enjoy for years to come 
  • enjoy a fabulous holiday with great food, great culture and great fun.

Who can join the trip
All Tai Chi & Qigong practitioners, family and friends are welcome to join us on this fantastic trip.  The aim of this trip is to offer participants a variety of experiences, as well as visits to great sights, magnificent landscapes & divine cultural and spiritual landmarks. There are also excellent choices of Martial Arts, Tai Chi & Qigong training suitable for enthusiasts of all disciplines, levels and abilities.

We also welcome participants from Europe, US, Australia or any countries outside the UK to join us. Our representative will greet you at Beijing international airport and take you to join the group at the hotel.

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Special Notice:

  • During this tour you will travel to altitudes of almost 17,000ft which should not cause a problem. However, we will recommend plenty of rest and no alcohol upon arrival of Tibet.
  • During the train journey you will travel in pressurised compartments, and oxygen is available if necessary. If you suffer from heart or respiratory conditions or have any other concerns please consult your doctor.
  • There are factors (flight tickets availability, delay etc.) out of our control, which could affect our time of travel or return, therefore when booking your holiday, please plan for an extra day on both sides of the trip.
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