Deyin Summer Camp 2016 - Reports

Deyin Summer Camp 2016


Angela Howarth

Last weekend I attended the annual summer camp of the Deyin Taijiquan Institute. I've lost count of how many I have attended, but every year I look forward to taking part in their interesting and varied programme.

For the last three summer camps Master Faye has been taking a group on the Sunday to learnFaye Yip Professor Li's second fan routine -Xiyangmei. The fan routines are a particular favourite of mine and I have had such good fun learning this 2nd routine.

Faye is an amazing teacher who has great patience and meticulous detailed descriptions and demonstrations of every move, making it possible for all of us to progress steadily through the form.

We work very hard but there is always plenty of laughter too and a wonderful chance to train with Tai Chi friends from around the country.

It is such a privilege and honour to train with not just one but two exceptional Taiji masters.


Tony Hardiman

It is with great pleasure that I am able to report of my experiences with three excellent masters of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Our weekend of training commenced with the introductions of the figurehead exponents of the arts in the UK, Masters Faye & Tary Yip, co founders of Deyin TaiJiquan Institute of Great Britain with Master Simon Watson, co-founder and Chief Instructor of LongFei UK.  It is quite amazing to realize the length of time, in the order of 20 years of co-operation between these two institutes and the common lineage in the great Professor Li Deyin.

Tary & ClassI was privileged to attend the workshop with Master Faye in the intricacies of Health Qigong Ba Duan Jin to such a deep level of understanding.  The 8 Treasures has been the landmark form for hundreds of years and within the movements is to be found both Internal and External aspects of Qi Cultivation.  In the founding spirit of Taoism the very useful and practical methods of securing the activation of the human body to promote longevity and fitness of mind, body and spirit.

Health Qigong, Ma Wang Dui form is one that I have not seen before and I was impressed with the ease in which it was explained, performed and taught by Master Tary.  Such skill to impart knowledge is a rare gift and one that, for we privileged enthusiasts who attend these seminars are very grateful.

Well, how could one begin to describe the intricacies of MaWangDui.   The scrolls found in the tombs of Marquis Li Cang, his wife and son have finally been interpreted under masterful scholarship and the secrets revealed.  Dating from the Han dynasty, what then was on old form and clearly well established as a common practice, the movements of grounding, releasing, energy flow are extraordinary.  Master Tary has obvious love of this art and faithful to the work done by Chinese Institutes and Professors in eliciting this fountain of wisdom.

The evening was spent in wonderful company with most of the attendees. As usual, the meal was excellent and a very good way of engendering camaraderie, common feelings of oneness with our friends from all over the UK.

The following day, we spent the morning looking at the Martial applications of the 24 step with Master Tary.  Whilst many of us have done years of teaching martial arts, there is always something to learn. The foundations of balance, posture, Tary Yipyielding, softness, blending and attitude are so vast a subject that 'Little nuggets' of enlightenment are to be found whenever one trains.  Peng, Lu, Ji,  An are fundamental movements that demand a whole body dedication and years of training under masterful tuition to be able to begin to comprehend.

I was then treated to Xing Yi Zhuang Gong (Standing Pole) with Master Tary.   Whilst I have had the previous honour of experiencing Xing Yi with Tary  this for me was an enlightenment moment.  So many aspects of positive Qi projection and circulation were revealed.  This was worth the whole weekend !!!

An excellent weekend, well spent and gratefully received.

Every highest respect to Professor Li Deyin foundations and the work of the Masters Fay, Tary and Simon.  Well done, from one who is celebrating 60 years in martial arts and pleased to be again, a humble student…  Tony

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