Sun Style Tai Chi Instructor Module - 73 Step

1st to 3rd December 2017

Sun Style Tai Chi was created by Grand Master Sun Lu Tang, one of China's most respected Martial Arts masters in recent Chinese history. He was also a highly regarded scholar with great knowledge of the Yi Jing - Book of Change and Chinese medicine. He skilfully combined the unique principles & inner essence of the three major internal martial arts, namely Xing Yi, Ba Gua and Tai Chi, incorparating the Yin Yang theory and Chinese medicine principles to create a distinctive style of Tai Chi, which is not only effective in self-defence, but also extremely beneficial for health and wellbing.  

Most of the postures contain a martial technique which is practical and effective for self-defence. Also, when performing the moves, the focus on energy cultivation boosts one's energy to a high level, thus inproving one's health. This system is truely an amazing system that brings tremendous results both on the physical and spiritual level. 

This is an instructor certification module designed to offer Deyin Instructors an in depth understanding of Sun Style 73 step. The teacher, Master Tary Yip is the 4th generation direct lineage bearer. He is the indoor disciple of professor Li De Yin. Professor Li's grand father was the most senior student of Sun Lu Tang. Master Tary was one of the first teachers to teach Sun style in the UK, which he has done since 1994. For the last 22 years he has taught students and instructors throughout the UK and Europe. He has also taught Sun style in Australia and the USA, and in 2016 he was invited to teach in China, the home country of the system. 

Master Tary will explore with participants the special characteristics, inner essence and philosophy of this unique style of Tai Chi. the module will last over three days, and upon finishing the module and passing the assessment satisfactorily, Instructors will be qualified to teach this lovely routine. 

For Deyin members and all other enthusiasts who are learning Sun style and would like to improve on their practice, this seminar can be great improver training.

Please note that the Instructor Module Certificate will be awarded to Deyin instructors only.

Instructors (who participated in the March Sun 73 seminar) - £150.00
Instructors / members - £185.00
Non members - £215.00

Friday - 1pm - 4.30pm
Saturday - 10am - 4pm
Sunday - 10am - 4pm

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Venue: Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB
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