Beijing 10 Step / 8 methods and 5 Step Tai Chi weekend


Venue: Zoom Virtual or Turref Hall Donnington Telford (On-site)
25th / 26th May 2024

10am - 4pm

10 Step Tai Ji Quan (Beijing)
Saturday 25-05-24

Beijing 10 Step is also named as 8 posture fixed step Tai Ji (Chi) Quan routine, which is a compact routine created based on Yang style Tai Chi. Postures in the routine are easy to learn, simple to practice and yet it comprise some of the most inner essence of traditional Yang Style Tai Ji Quan. It gives learners a good insight into the characteristics, principles, and spirit behind this unique system of Tai Chi. 

Being a fixed-step routine, it can be practised within a small space either in the bedroom or in the office area. It is ideal for people who have restricted space either at home or in the office. 

Ba Fa Wu Bu Tai Ji Quan
Sunday 26-05-2024

Ba Fa Wu Bu means 8 methods and 5 steps, which covers the 8 different techniques and 5 stepping methods that are being used widely in Yang Style Tai Chi. Through practising this routine, learners can get a deeper understanding of the energy being used and body methods that make our practice more effective and efficient. It is also a routine that requires minimal space, we can practice in a small room or an office area.  

These two routines are excellent for people's health. Movements are fantastic for improving joint mobility, strengthening muscle tone, boosting energy (Qi) and blood circulation as well as strengthening mental power to fight stress or depression.

This weekend course is suitable for people of all levels, all ages, and physical fitness.

The weekend seminars will be taught by Master Tary, a Lineage teacher of Yang and Sun Style Tai Chi, Europe's leading Tai Chi and Qigong teacher, Chief Judge for international competition, and chairman of the ITQF. 

This weekend's training could form part of the certification module on these forms for Deyin Instructors. After this weekend, There will be a further day of updates and assessments for interested Deyin Instructors to get certified to teach these two forms. (The date will be confirmed at the end of the weekend)

Deyin member /  Instructor - one day £75.00
Deyin member /  Instructor - both days £140.00
Non-Member - one day £85.00
Non-member - both days £160.00

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