Evening Classes with Masters Tary & Faye

Classes Duration: 
Full academic year - 6th Sept 2022 - 28th July 2023

Venue: Zoom online teaching (video recording will also be available for after class self-practice)

There are options of five classes;

Four evening classes & two-morning practice sessions (as 1 class unit) (Times are UK Greenwich Mean Time)

Tuesdays & Thursdays (2 mornings count as one class unit starting 6th Sept) led by various appointed instructors of Deyin Institute

Morning classes are Free bonus classes for people who sign up for Weds and/or Thurs Evening classes in the programme

  • Morning Class 1 - 8:00am - 8:30am
    Morning Energy and Spirit Practices 

Wednesdays (Master Faye) Starting 7th Sept

  • Class 1 - 19:00pm - 19:55pm
    Xiyangmei Taiji Kung Fu Fan (2nd Set)

  • Class 2 - 20:10pm - 21:00pm
    Qigong & Meditation (begin with Peng Qi Guan Ding Qigong - Zhineng Qigong)

Thursdays (Master Tary) Starting 8th Sept

  • Class 1 - 19:00pm - 19:55pm
    Tai Chi 8 methods and 5 steps / 24 Step Tai Chi (accuracy, essence & applications) 

  • Class 2 - 20:10pm - 21:00pm
    Health Qigong Da Wu (Great Dance) / Health Qigong Ming Mu Gong (Eye Brightening exercise)
    Also include Meditation In classes

Virtual classes taught by Masters Faye and Tary have been a great success with students from UK, France, Norway, Argentina, USA, Australia as well as China benefiing from the great teaching of two renowned teachers and benefited physically and mentally from the fantastic effect of Tai Chi and Qigong.  

Striving on the success of 2022's online classes, we are pleased to confirm that Wednesday and Thursday evening classes are continuing from 6th Sept 2022 to 20th July 2023. There are of 40 classes in each option, which means up to 200 hours of fun and wellbeing exercises that promise to deepen your knowledge and consolidate your personal practice and development.

These classes are suitable for both novice and advance practitioners, different levels will attain various degrees of achievement through learning from highly reputable teachers in the UK and Europe. 

Training with two highly respected masters has many incredible benefits;

  • Unblock meridian to boost Qi (energy) flow
  • Clear blood vessels for better circulation
  • Improve physical and mental wellness such as more mobile joint , stonger muscles, flexible tendons, stronger minds and better self confidence.
  • Enhance your immune system to fight any illnesses and conditions
  • Raise your Tai Chi and Qigong practice standard and enhance your knowledge in mindfulness and energy work.

and more.....

Youtube recording will be available for participants

We will be recording Masters Tary and Faye's teaching and making recordings available for participants to use as after-class practice. People who can could not attend some or most of the classes at the scheduled time due to work, other arrangements, or Time zone differences could use the recordings to learn at a time of their choice. 

These classes will help to consolidate your personal practice and understanding of these forms. 

As the classes are conducted over Zoom platform, enthusiasts from outside the UK are also welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Please note that recording will be available for a further three months after the end of the classes in July 2023 as a practice guide for participants to consolidate and improve their practice.

Holiday and Half Term Breaks

Classes will be run weekly except the following weeks, which are school and public holidays;

  • 24 - 28 October 2022,  
  • 19 Dec - 2 Jan 2023,
  • 20 - 24 Feb 2023, 
  • 3 - 14 Apr 2023
  • 29 May - 2 June 2023
  • the year ends 28 July 2023

Tuition Fees:

Participants have two options to pay for the tuition fees;

  • Pay in full at registration (lower fees)
  • In two installments
    - 1st installment pay at registration
    - 2nd installment paid in February (before 20th Feb)
One Class Two Classes Three Classes  All Classes
(4 pay classes + 1 class free)
Total: 200 hrs
Deyin/BHQA Members -
Eqv. to £7/£7.50 per class

£280.00 full-year or
£150 per installment (£300 total)

Deyin/BHQA Members -
Eqv. to £5/£5.50per class  

£400.00 full-year or
£220 per installment (£440 total)

Deyin/BHQA Members -
Eqv.to  £4/£4.50 per class 

£480.00 full-year or
£270 per installment (£540 total)

Deyin/BHQA Members -
Eqv. £3.2/£3.60 per class

£640.00 full-year or
£360 1st installment (£720 total)

Non-members -
£310.00 full-year or
£175 per installment (£350 total)
Non-members -
 full-year or
£250 per installment (£500 total)
Non-members -
£550.00 full-year or
£330 per installment (£660 total)

Non-members -
£730.00 full-year or
£400 per installment (£800 total) 

Are you a Deyin member? If not why not join member to take advantage of the low member price!

If you would like for more installment options please contact us to discuss further.

Financial Assistance / Bursary Funds

There is also a "John Smith Bursary Fund" that could help those who need some financial support to pay for the classes, please contact Sue Smith for further details.

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Venue: Zoom Online