Tai Chi Instructor course 2023/24 - Deyin Level 2

Duration: 23rd Sept 2023 - 28th Jan 2024 
Session - Total 4 Weekend Modules
Training Format: Hybrid (Virtual Zoom and Onsite)

Our Aim:

The Level 2 Tai Chi instructor course is designed as a CPD (continuous professional development) for Level 1 instructors. It covers more advanced Tai Chi forms, theories, and principles. Instructors taking this course will learn in more depth about the inner essence of Tai Chi philosophy and some of the important techniques Tai Chi has in both health and self-defense.

Upon completing this course satisfactorily and passing the necessary assessments, instructors will then be qualified as Deyin Taijiquan Institute Level 2 Instructors.

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for Level 1 instructors who would like to take their Tai Chi learning and standard up to the next level. Level 2 instructors can also take this course as a  good refresher to re-enforce their practice and understanding. 

Non-instructor members may also take this course to help consolidate their own practice, extend their knowledge and reap the maximum benefit Tai Chi offers in terms of health and well-being. Please note that instructor certificates cannot be awarded to participants who have not already qualified as Level 1 instructors.

Deyin Instructors who have already done some of the level 2 modules. They can take on individual modules not taken before to complete the course and reach the standard required for level 2.

The course consists of 4 modules over 4 weekends, in the

Training Dates: 

Module 1 - Tai Chi Theories - 10 Essentials, 13 Songs and Study of Tai Chi Treatise (Zoom Online) 

  • 23rd / 24th Sept 2023

Module 2  - Sun Style 38 Step Tai Chi Hand Form (Zoom Online)

  • 21st / 22nd Oct 2023

Module 3 - Yang Style 32 Step Tai Chi Sword (3 days) (On-site Training)

  • 24th / 26th Nov 2023

Module 4 - Basic Push Hand and 24-Step applications (On-site Training)

  • 27th / 28th Jan 2024
What do participants get: Upon completion of the course and passing assessments satisfactorily,
  • "Level 2 Instructor Certificate" - A prestigious certificate widely recognised and acknowledged in the Tai Chi community. 

Please note that participants can fail as well as pass in the course, subject to the outcome of the technical and teaching assessment. however, with hard work and perseverance, participants should not have problems in passing the course satisfactorily.

P.S. Biennial revalidation for the forms are required in order to help all our instructors to maintain and raise their practice and teaching standard, the revalidation will be through the format of workshops and seminars with end-of-session simple form assessment.

Course Fees:
Please note fees below include a non-refundable booking fee (£100).

Level 1 Instructors & Deyin Members

Early Booking (before 30th June 2023)  - £520.00

Standard Booking (after 30th June 2023)  - £595.00

Individual modules
Deyin Instructors (Certification, or Revalidation):

  • one module - £180.00
  • two modules - £320.00
  • three modules - £420.00

One day revalidation options (attend last day of module you sign up to):

  • One form - £95
  • Two forms - £190

Deyin Members or instructor refresher (non-certification):

  • one module - £170.00
  • two modules - £320.00
  • three modules - £395.00

Non Members:

  • one module - £210.00
  • two modules - £380.00
  • three modules - £430.00

Participants can pay the fees in full at the time of booking, or in 2 installments (£200.00 deposit, remainder fees are due by 31st July 2023). 

The fees include Tuition, Training materials or instructional DVDs or video files, assessment fees, and the Instructor certificate.

Special note: 

  • Level 1 instructors are exempt from one or more of the modules if they have attended the form training and were qualified to teach the form prior to this course.
  • instructors have a problem attending the onsite module in person due to special circumstances could contact us and a zoom attendance alternative could be considered.
  • Instructors signing up for Revalidation have the option of either taking the full weekend to polish up and improve or one day (the last day of the weekend) to update and revalidate.


  • Deposit payment and booking fee are non-refundable after 31st July 2023
  • Certification or instructor status will NOT be given unless the participant is a Deyin Instructor.


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Venue: Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB