Xing Yi Quan - 5 Elements Fists

Date: 4th Nov 2023
Time: 10am -16pm
Format: Hybrid - Zoom or in person
Venue: Chinese Arts and Culture Centre Telford

Yi Quan is one of the three major internal Martial Arts, namely Xing Yi, Ba Gua & Tai Chi. The history of Xing Yi Quan dates back to the Ming dynasty, more than 300 hundred years ago.

Xing Yi Quan is commonly referred to as Form and Mind boxing. The name illustrates the strong emphasis placed on the motion of the body being subordinate to conscious control. The form the body takes is an external manifestation of the internal state of mind and is the underlying premise behind Xing Yi Quan as a method of combat.

As well as an effective combat martial art, Xing Yi is also an excellent health exercise. It is suitable for people of all levels of physique and of all ages. Movements are simple and easy to learn, and practitioners can practice the art at their own level of capability. It is excellent for building physical as well as mental strength.

In this workshop, participants will explore the inner essence of the 5 element fists and their martial meanings, these five element forms are closely related to the 5 elements theory - Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. These elements are viewed as connected with the major organs in our body. Practising the 5 element fists will not only help the practitioner develop dynamic physical & internal power but also boost the energy level in the body and improve health.

Significant Health Benefits of the practice:

  • Strengthen Muscle Tones
  • Boost Internal Qi (energy)
  • Enhance Organ Functions
  • increase Bone Density and Joint Mobility
  • Improve the function of the Immune System

This workshop is suitable for people of all ages, all levels and various physical fitness. whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced learner, you will definitely find benefits in the workshop. Hence, It is a great opportunity to get an insight into this unique exercise.

10:00 am - 16:00pm


  • Deyin Member: £75.00
  • Non-Member: £90.00
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