Yang Style 88 Step Tai Chi refresher Weekend

Date: 25th / 26th March 2023
Sat 10am - 17pm (1hr lunch + regular Breaks)
Sun 26th 9am - 1pm (Regular breaks)
Venue: Chinese Arts and Culture Centre

The 88 step is one of the traditional Yang Style Long Forms practised by millions of people in China and across the world, it consists of the unique characteristics and essence of Yang Style. 

The 88 step Taijiquan emphasise first in the heart (mind) then the body, body and mind move as one. Together with natural breathing, the movements will become highly coordinated. Centred and graceful, relaxed and continuous.

As we go through the movements, the body is centred and upright with a sense of grace. Muscles and joints are relaxed and agile. Hence movements become flowing like clouds or streams, slow but gentle, continuous, and even-paced.

88 Step Taijiquan is famous for its tremendous health benefits. That is due to its unique characteristics, inner essence philosophy and special way of exercising the body and mind.

As other Tai Chi exercises, the 88 step have great mental and physical benefits, it is particularly good in;

  • Combat stress
  • Improve blood circulation and Qi flow
  • Increase joint mobility and improve muscle tones
  • Enhance immune system and more......

This weekend seminar is suitable for learners who have learned the 88 step form with Master Tary and would like to gain further insight to this beautiful and highly beneficial exercise.

Practitioners of other Yang long forms are also welcome to attend, master Tary will explore with participants the unique characteristics and essence of Yang Style Tai Chi as a whole. 

This is also a good opportunity for Deyin Instructors to refresh, consolidate and update their practice as well as complete their biennial revalidation requirement. 


Member / Instructor (not due for Reval): £145.00
Non-member: £190.00
Instructor - due for Biennial CPD & Revalidation: £170.00 (cert & admin fees incl.)

Venue: Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB